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The WorkLife HUB is a research, communication and consultancy company for work-life integration, workplace culture and the new reality of work.

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By connecting with thought-leaders, we bring you the latest workplace trends and innovation from around the world.

We talk to authors, researchers, HR experts and CEOs and about their take on what makes a great workplace, how employees can flourish and what is their advice to others starting out or wanting to improve the wellbeing of their people.

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Future of Work Live!

The future of work is one of the hottest topics challenging the workplace today. Automation, digital platforms, and other innovations are changing the fundamental nature of work and understanding these shifts has become essential for businesses and leaders to move forward successfully.

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OXFAM International EU Office

OXFAM has been rolling out a new internal Code of Conduct to prevent and manage workplace harassment and sexual harassment, and to firm up the organisations culture and give a more unified guidance of behaviour to employees and volunteers. In 2018 we were asked to deliver a workshop to the OXFAM International EU Advocacy office on the new Code of Conduct and the Belgian legal context on wellbeing at work.

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